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Forgiven Competition
1.  Vincent sees Lucrecia too..</i>
"The baby inside of you... You're using it for experimentation... Do you... Do you really want that?"
I only watched... I couldn't stop her...
"Why experiment on humans?! I'm against it!"
I allowed the one I loved… to suffer the most… That is my sin…
"Hello? Vincent!"
"Not a day has passed, since I thought of your pretty face…"
"Hey Vince!"
Vincent instantly snapped out of his trance, only to find Cloud pulling on his cape rather forcefully. The cool air of the Forgotten Capital blew against his face and made his long raven hair shift slightly from time to time. Anyone could let their mind drift in this forest, with the glowing trees and pyre files that floated about.
"What do you know about Geostigma Vince?" Cloud repeated his question. Again Vincent stood silently, eyeing a certain area in front of him. Someone else was in the forest with them; at least, that's what he thought. This place
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Vincent Valentine
Current Residence: The basement of the Niebelheim Mansion.
Skin of choice: Chaos.
Personal Quote: Too much hope is the opposite of despair. An overpowering love will destroy you in the end.
Upon realizing that Vincent Valentine, although brave in the quantity of fanart, was lacking a DA club, I at last decided to create one myself.  

This club accepts all people who are enamoured of this character (though not necessarily to the same overpowering degree that I am).  

To join, send a note to the club.  Posting anywhere else might go unnoticed.
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: Please do send the club a NOTE, I've noticed lots of people leaving comments with the desire to join instead, we'd love to have you but please NOTE us that way we will 100% get your desire to join:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Once accepted, please put the club icon or link-name  into your journal or your signiture. It would be greatly appreciated and helpful to the growth of the club.  
For those who do not know how to do so, type:
: iconImmortal-Valentine : (Without the spaces of course!) for an icon, and : devImmortal-Valentine : for a simple text link.

We're also welcoming of any affiliation.  To affiliate, send a note to the club.

:bulletred:Our Current Members :bulletred:

:bulletred:Our Current Affiliates:bulletred:

Members can share their artwork of all varieties so long as it involves Vincent!
:bulletred:All of the club's submissions from it's members are here. Just select the category of art you want, and enjoy the Vincent-y goodness!

:bulletred:Vincent ONLY fanarts and animatons.

:bulletred:Vincent and Others fanarts and animations.

:bulletred:Vincent-related fanfics and poems

:bulletred:Vincent cosply pics, dolls, and sculptures

:bulletred:Member-made wallpapers, icons, cursors, etc

:bulletred: All the art in the club's gallery are competition submissions and club related art.
We also display the most exceptional works of others.

:bulletred:List of doujinshi and other related links
If you have a link, note it to the club!

:bulletred:Exceptional works by Non-members
If members or even non-members have/know of a phenomenal work they'd like others to see, note the club with the link.

We also have regular contests! (Members Only Please!)

Contest Page!

Club Icon by Pan-Pan
Club ID by Inky-la-reve

UPDATES 2008....ish? XD

I'm here, back, whatever you want to call it.

Self Imposed absence from DEVart till now.

Reason: Both my Grandparents have severe Alzheimer's desease.
I'm sure you understand my need to take time out for my family.


PS...I decided to celebrate coming back with a new comp! Yaaaay!

New Prizes Ok, I have something to ask all of you. I'm spacing out the doujinshi prizes, because I can't actually myself supply any new ones as prizes when they are gone. (Doujinshi to buy here in aust are minimum $25, not including shipping, and if you're looking to buy a stack of them for prizes, thats alot of money I don't have.) However, I do have access to nick nacks like badge pins, pencil boards, clear posters/files, stickers and stuff that are usually easy to get, especially at conventions. Would you guys be interested in having those for occasional prizes too?
Note the club with what you think

Important Reminders
If you have not been 'favorited' by the club, let me know asap! Not being a 'favorite' means that you will not get updates I send via DevNote!
Please watch the club.  This will ensure you get notifications of journal updates.

:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:[Black Rose]
New Works Update

Dirge of Cerebrus
[Bullet; Red]Official Site (flash required).  All Japanese but you can click on PV to see a (very enticing) preview!
  • Listening to: Dirge of Cerberus OST
  • Watching: Advent Children/Last Order
  • Playing: Dirge of Cerberus/ Crisis Core
  • Eating: ....What does Vincent eat? XD
  • Drinking: What every angsty halfdead vampy Turk does...


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Is this club really alive? It doesn't seem so anymore, but if it is I would send a note to join.
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